Joanne Bowman





 Joanne-webAurora Project, Inc. is delighted to celebrate and honor Financial Management Director, JoAnne Bowman, PhD for 12 years of service and commitment to the Aurora Project.
JoAnne is starting a new adventure on April 1, 2016, #RETIREMENT. Before we say farewell, we wanted JoAnne to share a bit about herself and her experience with Aurora. Thank you JoAnne.


“When I began at Aurora we had more funding and more staff. As funds and donations began to ebb, it was necessary for Aurora to maintain the same quality of service with limited funds to fill positions as staff left or positions were no longer funded. We have fewer staff but continue to maintain the level of service needed to help homeless women and their children recover self-worth and permanent residence within the community.”


“As Financial Management Director I enjoyed all components of my positions. With a passion for accounting and Excel I took pride in maintaining finances and designing Excel spreadsheets to track expenses, accurately spread salaries over the respective grants, etc., leading to completion and submission of financial reports in a timely manner to ensure cash flow for Aurora.”


“For many years I have been researching ancestors building a database of approximately 10,000 leading to my being a member in “Daughters of American Revolution” and “First Families of Ohio.” Pending is membership in Daughters of 1812. I was fascinated to discover that not only do I have ancestors who fought against the British when the colonies fought for independence, but also have an ancestor who fought with the British as a recruited German Hessian. I have always enjoyed history and genealogy keeps that alive.”


“Retirement at March 31, 2016, will not only allow time to continue building my ancestor histories, but more importantly will allow more time with my grandchildren and many family members in this geographic area. My parents are 95 and 93 and, although in very good health, I feel a need to spend more time with them and my siblings. As the second child, first girl (age 73 in March), in a family of eight children, I still have feelings of caring for others and look forward to more time for that. I am very active in my LaSalle Presbyterian Church holding positions of Eucharist Minister, Elder, Clerk, Choir Member, and contributing member on several committees. My nature has been to quietly work in the background ensuring work is done without needing to grandstand indicating “look at me and what I did”.

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