Tell our legislators that their “one-size-fits-all” approach to ending homelessness does not work for every family!

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Copy and paste the sample tweets below. Find your legislator’s twitter handle here.



  • Restore funding to vital #Transitionalhousing providers! Rapid rehousing doesn’t work for everyone!
  • Putting families in permanent housing without the skills and knowledge they need to succeed sets them up for failure.
  • Let’s build families up and prepare them to succeed, not force them into a one-size-fits-all approach. #fixrapidrehousing #notonesize #hudcuts
  • One size doesn’t fit all. It doesn’t work for pants and it certainly doesn’t work for housing. #rapidrehousing
  • The #Toledo community lost nearly $400K through #hudcuts. Tell your legislators to bring that money back home!
  • #rapidrehousing doesn’t work for #transitionalhousing providers. Bringing a high or drunk person into a home with kids isn’t good for anyone. Tell your legislators to stop the madness.
  • Giving someone a housing voucher doesn’t stop them from drinking or using drugs. #Transitionalhousing and the support we provide does.
  • A sober environment is important to our women and their kids. More than important. Vital.
  • Tell Congress our families and their kids deserve a safe and secure environment, free from guns, alcohol, drugs, and violence. A safe place to get better. #restoreourfunding
  • A housing subsidy is no good if there aren’t any places that you can use it. Huge lack of 3+ bedroom housing only exacerbates the problem. #hudcuts #rapidhousing #definitelynotrapid
  • Putting someone in a home doesn’t always end homelessness. Fixing the reason they got there and stopping it from happening again will.
  • Accountability builds character, stability, and self-sufficiency. That’s why #transitionalhousing works.
  • We can’t afford to fund #transitionalhousing? We can’t afford not to.
  • The best things take time. Fine wine. Good cheese. A giant oak tree. You can’t rush greatness, and you can’t rush people to get better if they’re not ready. #fixrapidrehousing


  • Eliminating #transitionalhousing means less options for families and more incarcerations. With no supports in place, they’ll turn to drugs or prostitution to make money rather than learn valuable job skills.
  • Eliminating #transitionalhousing means more broken homes. Kids go into the overloaded foster care system while parents struggle alone to get sober and find a safe place to visit them.
  • Eliminating #transitionalhousing means seriously mentally ill patients living on the streets. With nowhere to stay and hold them accountable for taking medication and going to therapy, they will inevitably relapse and start the cycle all over again.
  • Eliminating #transitionalhousing means single moms with sick kids won’t get the care they need. They’ll drown in medical debt, lose their homes, and possibly their lives.
  • Eliminating #transitionalhousing means something as simple as a GED will keep a single mom from getting a better job. Without the support of free childcare, tutors, and a safe place to stay, she won’t be able to study and will never pass.


  • #Transitionalhousing bridges the gap between homelessness and permanent housing by giving families the skills and stability they need to succeed.
  • #Transitionalhousing keeps moms and their kids together.
  • #Transitionalhousing empowers and strengthens families while changing behaviors, creating accountability, and building self-sufficient systemic change.
  • Putting someone in a home doesn’t fix the issues that got them there in the first place. We need supports in place to ensure they can stay there.
  • Investing in #Transitionalhousing now reduces costly community expenses in the years to come.
  • #Transitionalhousing is investing in a person who will become a self-sufficient, stable, and contributing member of society. #worththeffort
  • #Transitionalhousing is more than a roof over someone’s head and a meal in their tummy. It’s empowering families to succeed – not for us – but for them.
  • #Transitionalhousing keeps kids with their moms – so they can grow, and learn, and improve as a family.
  • #Transitionalhousing is just that. A transition between the person you once were and the person you are to become.
  • You can’t keep doing the same thing and expect different results. #Transitionalhousing changes behavior so those results can be better than ever!
  • #Transitionalhousing empowers people to #stopthecycle by addressing the root cause of their homelessness and working hard to fix it.
  • Fix the root cause of a problem and there is no more problem. #transitionalhousing #homelessness
  • Wraparound services are key to the success of #transitionalhousing. There’s no Band-Aid here. Dig deep and work hard.


  • We believe in guidelines, rules, and expectations of our residents. Not for our benefit, but for theirs. #auroraproject #selfsufficiency #stability #accountability
  • For just $28-32/day, Aurora Project creates lasting changes in the lives of the women and children we serve. Donate now to continue the legacy.
  • Thirty years ago, #AuroraProject was established to provide service enriched housing to homeless women and their children.
  • #AuroraProject is the only program in #NWOhio and #SEM to allow children to reside with their mothers while addressing the issues which led to their homelessness.
  • The families we serve have complex needs and are homeless for many different reasons – mental illness, chemical dependency, domestic violence, loss of a job, or foreclosure.
  • Residents aren’t a number at #auroraproject. They’re people. That’s why an individualized case plan with specialized services, goals, and strategies works for us.